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Welcome to La Couronne. I started this site to share with you some cool things that I love and thought you might be interested in seeing.  One part food, one part travel, and a mixed bag of odd bits. For those of you who know me, I have a particular fondness and obsession for desserts.  You’ll see a lot of that here. You’ll also see a variety of other stuff.

A peek into my world

I love desserts. I bake. I like to pastry shop hop

I think street art is cool

I love old cemeteries

Crowds and hoards of people? Not so much. I do love beautiful architecture, though

I can’t leave out street food. Never pass it up

Travel to the best eating destinations, yes! I choose my vacations according to where I want to eat, who has the best desserts and which restaurants I want to try. Sight seeing is secondary.

The best way to end a busy day? Happy hour, of course. I’m just getting started.

For comments and suggestions, I can be reached at: admin[at]lacouronneonline[dot]com

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